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Brown Dogs

Can Chiropractic Help Your Pet?

Does your Dog or Cat have a:

• A limp?

Pain when being touched, petted or lifted?

• Arthritis?

• Pain or Stiffness in their neck, back, leg, tail or paws?

• Muscle tenderness, weakness or wasting?

• Nerve problems?

• A change in his sitting position--preferring one side to the other?

• Poor movement or performance?

• Injuries from slips, falls, rough play, or animal sport?

• Trouble eating or eliminating?

• Poor-fitting collars, harnesses or a habit of tugging excessively on her leash?

• Difficulty getting up or down, jumping in or out of the car, up or down stairs, etc.?

• Decreased movement of back or legs, or is walking differently from normal?

 Excessive licking or biting one spot​?

• IVDD/Disc problem?

Other Reasons to Seek Animal Chiropractic Care

• Post-surgical care to promote healing and decrease the effect of any compensatory changes
• Improving quality of life, function and comfort for your senior pets during their golden years
• General maintenance of joint health and mobility as early as puppy/kittenhood

• Agility dogs/Show dogs

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