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Dog in Cone

Are You A Vet Who Wants to Send Your Patients to an Animal Chiropractor?


I provide integrative options to veterinarians and pet owners alike. Animal Chiropractic has been shown to offer pets a holistic pain relief alternative, promote wellness so pets can stay active, and offer a natural performance enhancement to dogs, cats and other small pets.

I strive to keep my referring veterinarians in the loop and so you can expect :

  •  Prompt updates on examination and treatment notes for patients.

  •  Patients referred to us will receive an initial trial of care. (Most patients respond quickly - within 8 visits -  which can help you diagnostically decide how to proceed with care.)


Animal chiropractic may help with many conditions but I have had the most success with:

  • CCL tears

  • Arthritis management

  • IVDD

  • Mystery lameness/limping

Please note that I do not see pets for primary care. This is a specialty practice only. It is my experience that patients receive the best results when they are concurrently under care with a veterinarian and I always refer back to the veterinarian for follow ups. For more information, please use the buttons below.

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