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Welcome to Our Blog!

Here you'll find pet tips, information on animal chiropractic and adorable case studies. I want to write about things that interest you so email me at with any suggestions. Don't worry, I won't add you to an email list or send you unsolicited dog pics! Although that sounds pretty great actually...

Dog Chiropractic London ON

A little bit about me and this practice. I was born in Toronto but we moved to London, ON when I was 8 years old. I was an Oakridge Oak during high school and a Western Mustang for my undergraduate degree. I have always been happiest around animals and during highschool decided I wanted to be a veterinarian. For experience, I worked at Nicholls Animal Hospital in what used to be Oakridge Mall (where the Real Canadian Superstore is now). I learned so much there and looked to Dr. Nicholls as a mentor. I was certain that veterinary medicine was in my future.

Then I went to a chiropractor for the first time and my life changed. Even though I was only 20, I had been living with a lot of pain for 5 years. I had low back pain, neck pain, burning and tension in my midback AND sciatica down my leg. Within a few weeks of regular chiropractic adjustments, many of my aches and pains were either gone or lessened. I couldn't believe it! I was inspired! I did a 180 and decided that I wanted to help people the way I had been helped with chiropractic. I was sad that I wouldn't be working with animals but very happy with my decision.

It was during chiropractic college that I learned that animals can benefit from chiropractic care too! In fact, there were a number of animal chiropractic post-graduate programs available. I could combine both the things I love!

Which is what I do now. I have both a people practice ( and a mobile pet practice (with office hours at London Alternative Veterinary Services on Tuesdays).

An animal's chiropractic needs are different from ours. They don't require as many adjustments because they typically don't engage in daily habits that aggravate their condition, like sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. The main issue with our pets is knowing whether or not they need a chiropractor. They are masters at hiding their pain. Pay attention to any changes in their habits: Are they sitting differently? Are they no longer jumping on the sofa or bed? Not as eager to go on a walk? Stairs suddenly seem daunting? A chiropractic adjustment might be all that's needed for your sweetheart to be back to his old self.

Give me a call to find out if I can help.


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