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Pet Loss

Pet Loss and Grieving

We lost our sweet pea this weekend. Coco had been with us for 15 years. She was found as a kitten by a rescue group alongside her sister and mom. I adopted her shortly after that. She was such a different kind of cat. She didn't like laps or boxes. She loved belly rubs, popcorn and nuzzling plastic bags. She never jumped on counters, or damage furniture and she let me clip her nails without much fuss. She didn't bite or scratch although she had a heck of a growl! I've never met another cat like her.

Losing a pet is difficult. Even though you spent more time with them than you did some of your human family, there's no funeral and you might feel silly asking for support. And while you're going through this, the house is empty, you're heartbroken and you can't turn to your pet for comfort, like you normally do. It's miserable. She or he is never 'just a pet'. They're a part of your life and have a piece of your heart.

So take the time to grieve. Reach out to pet owning friends. Do something in honour of them. Get whatever support that you need.** It will get better.

Give your pets an extra cuddle for me today.

We will miss you Coco.

Special thanks to Dr. Jack and staff at Hyde Park Veterinary Hospital and Drs. Alex and Sabrina Easler at Mobile Pet Hospice Services of London.

***If you've lost your pet and are having difficulty dealing with your loss, reach out to these sites for helpful advice and counseling. They can help you with your pain.


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