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Prevent Your Dog From Falling at Home

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Slick floors, such as laminate, hardwood, and vinyl plank, make it easy for your dog to slip. While it's kinda cute when they do that as a puppy, when they get older, it can cause sprains of their hips, shoulders and knees which can lead to problems with walking, and even increase their chance for arthritis.

Although I know you'll do anything for your dog, probably don't want to have to get wall to wall carpet! There are other options!

Runners and Area Rugs:

Place carpet runners and rugs in main doggy traffic areas. Where they sleep, eat and play. Ensure that they are secured to the floor with rug tape or non-slip backing.

Stair Treads:

Stairs can be quite dangerous to an older dog. Stair tread stickers stick to the front part of each step providing a gritty surface that acts as a brake and prevents them from slipping off of it. You can purchase clear treads or coloured ones that will complement the aesthetic of your home. No one will know you did it for the dog. Shh.

Paw Stickers:

These are a good option for dogs that don't mind something on their paws. They can wear them through the house so they'll be safe wherever they go. Usually the stickers will last 2-3 days of use.

It's also nice to use these when you're both visiting a friend (one day we'll be able to do this again) and you're unsure of how slippery their floor is.

Some dogs have a difficulty gripping on cement when they're going for a walk. These stickers can help with that as well.

Nail and Paw Fur Trims:

Long nails and furry paws can increase the slips and falls. Trimming them on a regular basis will lessen the chance of this.

Long nails and furry paws can increase the slips and falls. Trimming them on a regular basis will lessen the chance of this.

Preventing your dog from slipping can help them have a longer, better, and active life free from injuries and their consequences.


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