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When Should Your Pet See A Chiropractor?

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Seems like a very posh thing to do, doesn't it? Take your pet to the chiropractor. I mean, why would Rover or Kitty need one anyway?

Our pets often get hurt through play, accidents and training. Yet they don't usually let us know when they're in pain.

Both dogs and cats hide how they're feeling because their ancestral DNA doesn't want them to be the "weakest one of the pack" or to be a target for attack. It's up to us to make sure that they're healthy, happy and living their most optimal lives.

If they hide how they feel, how are you supposed to know that they need help?

Pay attention to their behaviours. It could be as noticeable as a yelp when they move a certain way but generally it will be more subtle.

  • Are they changing how they're sitting? Or standing? Or walking?

  • Do they always prefer to lay or sit on the same side?

  • Are easy things hard, like climbing stairs or jumping onto the bed (although they're not allowed to do that, right?)

  • Maybe eating is a problem because they can't bend their neck down to their dish or their jaw hurts.

These are a few of the symptoms that can be helped with animal chiropractic care.

Adjustments are safe as they use minimal force and gentle pressure. Most dogs and cats, like people, enjoy coming in for an adjustment. (For those that don't, we now offer mobile chiropractic!) Sometimes, when an animal has tense muscles or a particularly sore spot, they may feel some temporary discomfort upon treatment. Usually a treat makes everything better!


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