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Animal Chiropractic Services



Cat in Basket


Black Dog

Dog N Cat Chiropractic offers BOTH house calls and in office appointments.


Home visits provide a level of comfort to them that they might not feel in our office setting especially if they're in any discomfort. Sometimes house calls are more convenient for the pet owner.


In office appointments are done at London Integrative Veterinary Services. These appointments provide the same kind of care without the travel fee. 

After discussing your pet's initial intake form, Dr. Maya will perform a complete examination which includes gait analysis, palpation of the joints, muscles and extremities, range of motion testing, and a neurological evaluation.

Finally, Dr. Maya will talk to you about her findings, recommendations and let you know if chiropractic is the right thing for your pet.

Adjustments for animals use a minimal amount of pressure and unlike humans, no crack is heard.

Sometimes, when an animal has tense muscles or a particularly sore spot, they may feel some temporary discomfort upon treatment. Usually a treat makes everything better!

Depending on the situation, dogs and cats can need from 4-8 adjustments for them to feel back to normal.

After they've recovered, maintenance appointments (frequency depends on the animal's age) are important to help Fido or Princess continue to stay better and live a healthier life.

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