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Julie and Cooper

I am so grateful to Dr. Pande for taking care of my senior golden retriever Cooper. He was slower getting up, having difficulty with stairs and slippery surfaces, and had developed a slight limp. He would often stumble or catch his foot on roots and uneven ground during trail walks. Despite his inherent happy demeanor, I could see he was struggling. His vet attributed these symptoms to spinal degeneration, and other than medication and dietary changes, there wasn’t much to be done. Looking for other options, I consulted with Dr. Pande.

Cooper absolutely loved his adjustments and Dr. Pande. I noticed he would often prance around after his treatments with a new bounce in his step. There was a definite improvement in his gait, general movement, energy level and confidence, and trail walks became much easier and more enjoyable again.

Thanks to Dr. Pande for your amazing treatment and support. We are so grateful for your skill, knowledge and wonderful care.

Charlie's Success Story

Charlie woke up one morning and couldn't put weight on his left hind leg. The first video shows him before his first adjustment, losing his balance while walking. The vet suggested possible surgery but Charlie's owner wanted to try chiropractic first.

The second video was taken two weeks after the first. He's now able to walk and sit normally! Luckily Charlie won't need surgery after all!

Please note that the results of any testimonials may not be typical of all patients 

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